About my work

Urban landscapes have been the focus of my drawings and installations for the past several years. My work responds to my everyday experience by means of depicting places. Places reflect the human experience and also shape it. This ancient idea, very central in Architecture, is what I rely on when attempting to relate to experience through representation of places.  Since the urban setting is the one having the biggest impact on today’s society I chose to create man-made landscapes. Through them I refer to different aspects in my personal life but I also relate to the influence of issues such as social, political and technological changes.

The landscapes I create are psychological environments rather than particular places. Different worlds coexist in my works – the real and the virtual, the architectural and the technological, the imaginary and the actual, the sensual and the analytical.

My works are executed in an intentionally low-tech manner, involving Sisyphean manual labor, using simple materials such as ink, pencil, felt pens, gouache, cement, paper, sand, cloth and wood. Choosing these materials and working manually is essential to me. I see it as an attempt to propose an alternative to the super costly artworks created today and it also illustrates my hope that the sensory experience remains vital in our new hybrid and digital world.

Another important aspect of my artistic practice is going back and forth between 2D and 3D. for example: Many of my installations are wall installations, I tend to use very flat and thin materials in a 3D manner, I draw on 3D surfaces and turn photographs into objects, etc.

My work is referring and inspired by contemporary architecture, internet images and icons and by network architecture representations. I am inspired by urban art, including works by Giorgio de Chirico, Sarah Morris and Franz Ackerman.

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